Essay on Save your Food, Save a Life

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Imagine living paycheck to paycheck, never knowing whether you are going to have enough money to buy enough food to get by. Now imagine not even living paycheck to paycheck, rather living day by day not knowing which of your family members, friends, or even yourself will make it to the next day. Countless people in this world face this devastating fear every day of their life due to their lack of food. This lack of food has been caused by high prices of food and high demand of food, both of which add to a low availability of food for those who cannot afford the necessities. Meanwhile, high society throws out good food every day simply because it is unwanted, wasting all of this food that is still perfectly edible and would be relished …show more content…
While this tactic will save money and keep food from being put into landfills, this will not give any food to food banks. Instead of encouraging customers to eat more food than they want and causing these customers to overeat, ultimately leading to an increase in obesity levels, restaurants should send the food untouched and unwanted by its customers to local homeless shelters and food banks to help feed the people that really need these nutrients rather than wasting this food. The same article states, "The members of the society also were asked to consider curtailing this table d'hote, as a war measure, with separate charges for vegetables and potatoes ("Food Saving Planned by Restaurant Men", The New York Times)." Once again, this is an example of the efforts being taken by society to keep the waste level of food low. This effort as well will not help anyone but the restaurants who are selling this food. The valiant efforts of eating establishments to stop food waste does not end with just charging extra for side dishes and bread. Restaurants are attempting to keep food out of the garbage by giving discounts to those who clean their
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