Sc300 Unit 6 Project Kaplan Univ.

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Impacts of a borderless society

Unit 6 Assignment
Professor Robert P Black, MS

I am a serious bargain shopper. I try to save wherever I can. That usually means buying products from a mega chain, whose items are usually from outside of the U.S., verses buying from a local “mom and pop” store. The local stores usually have higher prices than most of the larger chain stores. I have never really understood why. For my family, buying all our food locally can be a challenge sometimes. My husband is Asian and he refuses to let go of some of the Asian food items he loves. For example, he has to have bok choy instead of green cabbage from right here. Rice is another issue for us. It has to be jasmine rice from a South East Asian
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There are even locations in Bellingham, WA and North Sioux City, SD that could have produced it. The bread on my sandwich came from East Dublin, Georgia. My Lays brand sour cream and onion potato chips came from Perry, Ga. My Jell-O pudding cup came from Woburn, Ma. Lastly, my cold and refreshing Aquafina bottled water came from Stone Mountain, Ga.
B. List where you purchased the products from.
A majority of my food was purchased from the Wal-Mart near my home. The store is less than three miles from my house. The peaches were purchased curb side at a fresh fruit stand in Clanton, Al.
C. Consider the chain of events that took the product to get from the farm/laboratory to your table. I try to buy local items whenever possible. Several of my food items originated in Alabama, or in some cases nearby in Georgia. The other items were most likely shipped on an eighteen wheeler (transfer truck) across several states. All of the items were gathered by the facility, processed if needed, then packaged according to size and type of food item. Once package, they were shipped to Wal-Mart. My peaches, on the other hand, went directly from the farmer to my hand. No middle man needed.
2. What are some of the benefits of a global market and why? List at least 2 benefits, weighing any short-term and long-term impacts.
There are many benefits of a global market. One major benefit is improved outsourcing. Outsourcing is basically contract work. They do

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