Scenarios on Ethical Dilemma

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Legally, the company may be infringing on some international copyrights and formats. Morally, he is being asked to develop something more X-rated in terms of sex and violence. In both cases, corporate social responsibility need to be addressed with a utilitarian concept of the community more work means more economic revenue for the town.
Q2 Karl does have several options. Different markets have different rules and expectations. If he can adequately segment the market, ensure that Breakaway does not violate any laws, and then he can provide the gaming experience at different levels to different audiences, and still protect jobs within the community.
Q3 - From a legal perspective, obscene is a term that describes expression (words, images, or actions) that offend the prevalent sexual morality of the tie, or the standards set by the individual community. However, the difficulty is that the Internet has different communities, so much so that the Supreme Court of the United States cannot decide what is or is not obscene. Similarly with drugs, gambling, and alcohol all considered vices. Prohibition proved that citizens do not want morality legislated, as long as it is kept from children.
Q4 - In some cultures, certain things are more acceptable than in others. Commercially, sex and violence sell and as long as the intended…
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