Scene Analysis Of Song At Midnight

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Scene Analysis on Song at Midnight: the First Meet of Song Danping and Sun Xiao’ou

The first meeting of Song Danping and Sun Xiao’ou in the film Song at midnight is not only the first exposure of the phantom in the theater after ten years, but also a turning point of Sun’s life. So the scene that Sun goes upstairs to meet the phantom Song is both an end of the ten-year nightmare of Song, and a starting of a new story of revenge and revolution.

However, the changeover cannot be accomplished at one stroke, which is specially reflected by the transitions of Sun’s attitudes and behaviors: from vacillate, to touched, then ends up in determined. This scene’s duration is more than half an hour with two long cuts of retrospections about the ordeal happened to Song. We only focus on the scene in the loft above the theater, and the analysis can
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We can focus on three plots that assist Sun who finally determines to help Song.

First one is about Sun’s reaction after hearing Song’s story out. A medium shot shows they are sitting at the table with different gestures: Sun sits up with his right fist clenched and left hand clutching tightly again and again; Song leans his right elbow onto the table with his ugly right hand hanging down the tabletop loosely. Then, not like the former parts, Song stands up and move to the window slowly and unsteadily, and Sun follows him proactively. In part 1 and part 2,Sun’s gestures, including sit down near the stairs, go to the cabinet and the table, are all forced by Song. The reason is not only Sun is still in shock but also he doesn’t know who the phantom is. However, in part 3, Sun’s movements are all initiated by his own. So when Song asks Sun to help him to comfort Li Xiaoxia, Song’s character changes from a dominator to a suppliant. To a kindly person, Sun cannot reject
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