Scholarly Journals Versus Popular Magazines

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Introduction As we all know, the professor always ask students to read or write some scholarly journals when they become a university student. Many of student do not know what kind of article can be called scholarly journals? Anyhow, those be loved by the people of articles always are not form scholarly journals in our daily lives. Like popular magazines. We can see citizen read a magazine on the bus stop chair but never see people read a scholarly journal. what are the different with the common popular magazines in bookstore? Which kind of articles are more suit for the university students. This article will show some different point between scholarly journals and popular magazines and what the traits of scholarly journals are. After …show more content…

For instance: “I don’t limit my 13-year-old’s gaming. Here’s why” Sometimes author even is not named. Second, is about the notes. scholarly journals article usually includes notes and/or bibliographic references. However, popular magazines not. There are not always have lots of example. This suggests that scholarly journals is more respected and serious academic research. By contrast, If you want to do some research or need to find some science-based information, care you best chose. Due to all the information, which be showed in the scholarly journals are validated. In the other hand, popular magazines has itself’ benefit too. The advantage of popular magazines is interesting. Reader feel simple and have lots of fun when they read it. scholarly journals can not do this like magazines. For write style. scholarly journals always written for experts using technical language. In contrast, due to almost people like some simple words article which do not use too much brain. Therefore, magazines prefer written for nonprofessional or layperson. For example, Then, about two kinds of articles ‘s appearance.the word print of scholarly journals almost black and whit, sometimes with black and white figures, tables, graphs and/or charts. But magazines usually have many color picture, this always about the information in the article.for instance, the author talking about queen story. So, they put a Elizabeth II ‘s near by the

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