School Administrator Acting An Ethical And Fair Manner

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This report is designed to address an issue related to a school administrator acting in an ethical and fair manner. For the sake of maintaining confidentiality in this report, I will use a false name for the school administrator. I will also use a false school district. However, the policies outlined in the report are directly from the state and school district.
On Monday, February 29, 2016, I interviewed Dr. K. Wallace, District Administrator for Millbrook Public School District. The interview was on the topic of ethical fairness in education. Dr. Wallace discussed the issue of disciplinary infractions for high school students. He pointed out that bullying and acts of violence are becoming a major problem for administrators. According to Dr. Wallace, administrators must learn how to strike a balance in respecting the rights of children and eradicating acts of bullying and violence.
According to Dr. Wallace, two students at Millbrook High School were scheduled a due process hearing for bullying. He revealed that the two students had made threats on social media and brought weapons to school. However, the two students alleged that they were the ones being bullied and only brought the weapons to protect themselves from a gang of girls and their parents. The two young ladies are academic scholars and have no prior disciplinary history.
Dr. Wallace maintained that there is a need to adopt common sense policies that adequately address bullying and consequences

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