School Campus The Safest Place For Students

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Activity Description and Summary There is a need to make the school campus the safest place for students in order to advance their education in a safe environment. Issues such as bullying, violence, hate crimes, family issues, and natural disasters such as earthquakes or tornadoes are just a few issues that the school has to develop a plan to address if and when the need arises. Williamson and Blackburn (2010) posit that “the organization of your school can affect your ability to improve student learning” (p.65). Therefore, there has to be procedures in place to deal with these issues so that the teaching and learning process can be conducted in a safe environment. Our school’s operations manager alongside the principal are in charge of school safety and so I worked with them as they put together the school’s safety plan. This plan involves creating an overall respectful culture, evacuating the school building in case of an emergency and responding to lock down signals. For the first week of school the focused was on culture, the second week of school teachers were given a document which gives an outline as to the route the individual class would take to evacuate the building as well as lessons to teach the children how to respond to the different signals that are used. There was also a schedule as to when each floor would practice the evacuation exercise. As the teachers practiced, the times were recorded as to how fast they got out of the building and a check

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