School Counselor Is Not All Fun And Games

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How does school counseling affect students in a school environment? What do counselor do? How do you become a school counselor? This paper can can answer all of your questions. Starting with information about being a school counselor and ending with the training you will have to go through to become a counselor. Buckle up your seat belt and join me a journey to your possible future.

Career Information

School counselors make $53,610 a year and $25.77 an hour. They must contain interpersonal skills, speaking skills, and listening skills. That is just a tiny portion of being a counselor. Being a school counselor is not all fun and games. School counselors play a large role in the future leaders of our nation. Normally a counselor provides his or her services to three categories, such as academic, personal/social, and career. High School counselors help students find their talents, their career paths, the college they are interested in attending, and even earn a scholarship. School counselors also encourage students to follow their dreams and achieve their goals. They do help students with problems either at home or in school. The school counselor does this by giving the student positive suggestions to help solve their problem. By helping students solve their problems counselors help students clear their mind and focus on their academics. According to “EFFECTIVENESS OF SCHOOL COUNSELING”, School counselors help reduce test anxiety, prevents

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