School Dress Codes And Uniforms

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“Cleanliness, neatness, modesty, decency, and appropriateness in dressing are important values which reflect an individual dignity and sobriety through which students of every university represent their status as learned scholars” (Omojuwa, 2014, p. 1). The issue of school dress codes and uniforms is relevant in today’s society because it affects nearly everyone since everyone goes through some sort of schooling. The issue of dress codes particularly affects the students, the parents, and the school faculty. Students are constantly wearing new fashion trends that may be distracting in the learning environment. This issue relates to social justice because the implementation of uniforms diminishes socioeconomic differences. Uniforms create equality and a sense of unity despite identity and cultural differences within the school community. Uniforms teach students to look beyond themselves and focus on how they can serve others. Dress codes and uniforms uphold the value of modesty. I believe that schools should enforce at least a dress code, and a uniform if they wish because they promote social justice, a call for service, and they uphold one’s human dignity. To begin, the controversial issue of school dress codes and uniforms relates to social justice because everyone deserves educational opportunity and immodest or inappropriate dress can distract from the productivity of the learning environment. According to a survey conducted by the NAESP, 79 percent of principals

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