School Phones In School

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Do you every wonder what children do at school with their phones? There are lots of conflicts at school involving students with their phone. Students will get their cellular device taken away if they have them out during learning periods. Pupils are gorilla glued to their phones. Many school across North America have issues with phones. Will students learn not to have their phones out during school? Students should worry about their phones being taken away and concentrate on their work. Phones are bad for school and can be used to do horrible things by students.

Phones can distract students from doing their work. Texting, social media, and games are the main distractions on phones. Everyday the students are texting in class.They get an update on the texts that come in. It upsets teachers to see that their students do not pay attention. Jeff is a bad student. He is always texting in class. The teacher is always getting on to him. Social Media is the same, but the majority of the students are on it all the time. They go online to see what other people are doing, and they comment on them. The get updates saying John got a yacht, or Jenny got a boyfriend. Can you take me with you John. Good luck to you and your boyfriend. Games is third on the distraction list. Games are downloaded onto the phone. All are loud, and most of them are violent. When the teacher is in their desk, some students will play on their phone. They mute the phone so the teacher can't hear it. Jesus plays

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