The Dangers Of Cell Phones In Public Schools

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A new issue that schools today have to deal with is cell pho- hold up a second I just got a free gift in candy crush maybe I got enough coins to upgrade my candys. Oh hold up jonah's calling me, hahaha the meme he just tagged me in is hilarious, I will send you a link later. so where was I, ah yes Cell Phones in public schools are more of a distraction than a benefit, help promote illegal behavior, and are severely unneeded. When on the street one can observe today's youth with their faces stuffed in their phones, not paying attention to their surroundings at all. Science has actually proven that this very unhealthy and will lead to many different medical problems and costly procedures later in life. Not only the danger to your health, it is also very impolite and no way to act, and could actually provide an immediate danger because of the lack of vigilance to one's surroundings. the school system should not promote such behaviors and should teach children the correct and polite way to act in the real world. For in public schools we are preparing the children for the real world, and we need to instill valuable life lessons and morals. While in the real world a cell phone may possess valuable technology, the public school system already provides all these things for the students as needed, and therefore all teaching utensils that a phone possesses are practically useless. People say having a phone in school is handy for mathematics courses because of the calculator they

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