School Programs : A Positive Effect On The Next Generation Of Youths

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After-school programs have a history of providing a positive effect on the next generation of youths. Some programs will face numerous concerns from parents and the communities that host the programs. Along with the financial obligations in order to run the program, amount of caregivers that are required to make the programs a positive environment and the over-all assurance of the patents can become overwhelming. Designed Afterschool programs will provide young people numerous services, that will support the needs required to improve academic performance, learn leadership skills, develop conflict resolution and mediation skills. Many programs also offer sports, arts, and cultural activities (Alliannce). With the skills that …show more content…

Afterschool Alliance published the leading factors that when parents are searching for an after-school program. The summarized research provides the following figure that explains the top factors that parents are considering when determining if their children should participate in an after-school program. (Schwartz)
The purpose of the case study is to provide our audience with accurate, detailed information that will provide the reader with knowledge about after-school programs. We plan to show both the advantages and disadvantages based on the following decision questions:
 Do after-school programs reduce the risk of risky behaviors?
 How do after-school programs improve social and emotional development?
 How do after-school programs improve health and wellness development?
 How do after-school programs influence the academic development of the children?
 What are the potential costs involved with after-school participation?
RESEARCH METHODS The Writing Raiders have conducted several research methods in an effort to provide insightful feedback from multiple trustworthy sources. In additional to internet research, Jackee Thompson and Jesselyn solicited feedback from students and parents involved with

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