School Staff Development Must Focus on Meaningful Activities to Promote Loyalty

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After reading Wiles & Bondi, the text I found most interesting was in Chapter 8, Providing Effective Staff Development. Staff development and organized in-service training are one of the most important factors in advancing the schools mission and vision, and more consideration should be given to meaningful activities. "Although staff development in a school district may take on many different forms, those programs must nonetheless focus on the requisites needed by school personnel to advance the goals of the organization and to enhance staff competence." (Wiles & Bondi, 2004, page 273). Opportunities for staff cohesion, active learning and content knowledge development should be critical components in staff development. The truth is …show more content…

From videos and books, to seminars and workshops, staff development and team building should become a top priority in today’s school environment.
Staff development and in-service training are essential, but sometimes are overlooked elements of successful team building. In order for staff to offer the same level of high-quality service and professionalism, they must also receive the same development and education. Too often, staff development and in-service training is neglected and ineffective or made stagnate and unimportant. This unfair practice routinely leads to poor teachers, poor student performance, staff division, complacent staff and failure to promote the school mission and vision. Staff development and in-service training can be in many different forms but those programs must meet the necessity of school personnel to advance the goals of the organization and enhance staff competence. Likewise, regularly held staff development and in-service training can be fun and educational for both staff and administration. During those events, specific development needs and concerns can be addressed. I wish the chapter would have addressed the developmental needs of other staff involved in the day to day activities of students such as school counselors, mentors and technology staff as much as it addressed the teacher. Finally, encouragement and scheduling of staff for regular participation in

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