School Uniforms And Public Schools

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School uniforms in public schools may seem out of style to some student, but in many situation they can increase school spirit, class participation and student time Management. According to The American Humanist Magazine, in President Bill Clinton 's 1996 State of the Union Address he requested that all 16,000 school districts to mandate a uniform guideline for its students. He stated that , "If it means that juvenile will stop bloodshed each other over designer outfits of clothing brand, then our public schools should be able to feel necessity for their students to wear school uniforms" (qtd in Wilken, screen). Long Beach school districts in California was the first to adopt the mandatory school uniform approach. During the two years …show more content…
Norman James, a principal at a high school in Sherman Oaks, California, believes that with a student’s clothing allows a professor to make observations on what is going on in a student’s individual life. He states that, "our counselors and teachers monitor the way teenagers are dressed if we see a big change in the way a student dresses, that sends a warning sign and tells us we need to address that person" (qtd in "Uniforms Rule", screen 2). Also, Students feel that uniforms at school create a military environment. An environment where every students is dressed the same way and in the same style must act alike, display the same personalities, and have the same point of view.
Furthermore, Parents also do not want to pay the surcharge expense of uniforms for their children. For example, parents feel like they would have to pay for three sets of clothes, school and play around. Keith King explain a situation in California, in 1995 a lawsuit was filed against the Long Beach School District by the ACLU on behalf of low-income families. The lawsuit claim that, "The district fails to help low-Income students obtain uniforms and penalize other students who do not wear mandatory uniforms." The ACLU also claimed that, “the district does not appropriately inform parents about their rights to appeal exemption from the program." ACLU also assert that "low socioeconomic families are going without food, utilities, and rental
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