School Uniforms And Public Schools

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School uniforms in public schools may seem out of style to some student, but in many situation they can increase school spirit, class participation and student time Management. According to The American Humanist Magazine, in President Bill Clinton 's 1996 State of the Union Address he requested that all 16,000 school districts to mandate a uniform guideline for its students. He stated that , "If it means that juvenile will stop bloodshed each other over designer outfits of clothing brand, then our public schools should be able to feel necessity for their students to wear school uniforms" (qtd in Wilken, screen). Long Beach school districts in California was the first to adopt the mandatory school uniform approach. During the two years of practicing the school uniform policy , The school district announce a strong decrease in assaults rumble, self-control disagreement, as well as advance test scores after two years of the new policy was put to action (Wilkens, screen 1). Despite the fact that students’ associate uniforms with the hindering unique self-expression and talent, they fail to understand that uniforms promote a positive environment due to the fact that it establishes unity amongst all school students, it cutback destructiveness violence, and most students can focus on schoolwork instead of their clothing styles. Students along with some parents debate that mandatory uniform policies within public schools are unauthorized. They feel that mandatory uniforms in
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