School Uniforms Ethos

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School uniforms are a debatable topic that has been going on for years. Fashion has began to overrule schools rather than education. There are quite some people who believe school uniforms should not be enforced, however, many also believe that school uniforms are the best things for students. School uniforms are a great resource and will cause less chaos in schools because they will ensure equality, provide safety to the school, and are cost effective. Students need to not get so caught up in popularity, and focus more towards their future. Appearance and popularity is not what is going to get students through life, as much as they believe it will. If more schools provide school uniforms, this will ensure equality. Students can go to …show more content…

Money is tight for many families, and when back to school shopping comes around many students hearts break when their parents tell them they cannot afford the high end shoes they saw that girl wearing last year. School shopping consists of anywhere from $600-$1000, not including school supplies. In comparison, school uniforms costs anywhere from $50-$100. Depending on the clothing store a school uniform is bought, will vary on the price. School uniforms include khaki pants, and a navy blue Polo shirt. Both of these items can be found at Old Navy for ten dollars a piece. However, back to school clothing consists of designer jeans, and many expensive clothing of a wide variety. Another advantage of school uniforms is that if a family has five children, the uniforms can be passed down from year to year. Uniforms save money themselves, and passing them down to each child every year is a great way to save money as well. The problem with back to school shopping is from year to year, each child may not have the same taste, therefore passing clothes down is not an option. According to The Daily Gazette article, school uniforms not only save money, but they save time as well. Uniforms save parents time by not having to go school shopping and conveniently, uniforms can be delivered to you. Uniforms save children time by not having to pick …show more content…

Meaning this, children want to express themselves through body piercings, etc, which is harder to keep up with. Children can express their individually in many more ways than this. Students are able to express themselves through dressing their uniform up by wearing their hair however they please, their choice of shoes, and accessories. Over the years, schools have drawn away from the fact of what school is meant for. It should not matter how popular people are at school because of the name brand clothing they have. A greater solution is to choose school uniforms therefore, everyone will look the same. Students should express themselves through their personality, not through their

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