Schools And Schools: Relationship Between School And School

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There are two key words here i.e. school and community. According to the dictionary, a school is a social institution where a child seeks his education and learns the process of socialization. A school is a second home for the child where he spends most of his time. A community can be defined as a group of people who live in the same area such as a city, town or a neighborhood. Every community has one or more than one school where the children of the particular community go and seek education. These schools can be government run or private.
Relationship between School and Community
There is a direct relationship between a community and the school. A school is merely a reflection of where it resides. The community where the school is built matters a lot. The main people involved in the relationship between school and community are school administration, teachers, non-teaching staff, parents, governing bodies and school board.
Parents believe that the performance of a particular school is judged from the
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At first it gives the idea that the significance of school-community relations projects and abilities is to relate the achievements of the school to the group with the goal that the head of the school looks great. In any case, it is obvious that one of the more significant ramifications of viable school-community relations is the acknowledgment of the pluralistic idea of groups. In addition to the fact that they are different as far as race, ethnicity, and culture, however they are various as far as neighborhoods, fellowships, and belief system. It is necessary of the viable administrator to know about those components inside the bigger community. The change is from a perspective of the administrator/school being segregated from the community to one in which the school is viewed as an essential piece of a dynamic
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