Schools Should Not Give Gpa For Sports Essay

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No , should not give GPA for sports An unknown source once said,‘take pride in how far you have come, have faith in how far you can go’. This quote is relevant, because to have a good GPA does not mean a person can't do sports, there are 3 reasons why. First, it should be up to the couch not the school, second, not all sports are tied to school. Third, if a kid wants to do sports it up to them.

No I think schools should not give GPA’s for sports. I pick the three reasons why schools should not make students have a GPA to be in sports, because not all sports are tied up in schools. The so what part of this essay is most schools make kids have a GPA to do sports in which can be a mess up. If a student is good at a sport they may be afraid to sign up for the pacific sport they are interested in just because the school wants kids to have a good GPA. …show more content…

This is unfair to me, a student should be able to do what they love to do without a GPA from a school. Instead of the schools wanting kids to have a GPA for sports it should be up to the coaches rather than the schools.

For some school’s a kid has to have a GPA, and some schools kids don’t have to have one. But for the schools that kids need one schools should have the couches decide if their players should have a GPA to play in there sports. As a punishment if kids get into fights or get suspended they should have a certain GPA to play the team.

For sports that do not tie into school some kids may feel hurt that other kids that don’t have a GPA to play their sport. For most kids that don’t need a GPA in non related school sports it may be an advantage for them. It an advantage to kids who don’t need a GPA by letting them forces on their sport without worrying about getting kicked off the team because of their

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