Science Majored Students ' Life At Queens College

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Science Majored Students’ Life at Queens College Anthropology is a combination of the words “Anthropos” and “Logos”. It simply means the study of human. Since the human beings have both biological and cultural characteristics, anthropology extensively studies including both aspects. However, culture is the most important thing in anthropology. The culture of a particular organization, group, or country consists of the habits of the people in it and the way they generally behave. The particular traits and characteristics are held in common within that environment and are passed on generationally. Based on the culture of the community, group, or country, we can deeply research and understand their life style. The best method that is used…show more content…
The atmosphere was more silent than downstairs. However, unlike the upstairs, the downstairs students looked more freely talked with their friends and received help from them when they were stuck on particular problems. In the Remsen hall, I observed students in my lecture and lab class. Since the lecture is a huge class, many students tried to sit beside their friends. However, the students who sat by themselves tended to have seats in row at the back of the classroom. After the class started, a lot of students typed the important thing on the slides by their laptop. Some of them took pictures of the slides using their phone. In the lab class, students tended to have more interaction with each other even though the experiment was conducted separately since the class is much smaller than the lecture. They easily talked to other students about the experiment and moreover they tried to help each other to complete the lab procedure correctly. After the lab class, I also looked around the chemistry office. There was a person who came to declare her major and another person who submitted the late lab report. During this observation, I saw a person who took a picture of the book in the library. Therefore, I interviewed her after she took all the pictures. Her name is Z.H and she is majoring in sociology and at the particular moment, she took pictures of the book that is used her class. She said she needs to answer the questions based on the readings

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