Who Was Responsible For The Scientific Responsibility

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Scientific responsibility can be described as the duties or obligations are scientist or researcher has when conducting his or her research. Science relies on objective methods to gather empirical data without the interference of subjectivity or other factors affecting the results obtained. Science is an extremely important tool for humanity as the discoveries made in the scientific community can greatly impact the lives of individuals through advancements in therapies to novel drug discoveries. However, the other side of science poses a potential threat to same individuals it often intends to serve. This can be the case when results are published which can potentially pose threats to potentially large groups of people. It is therefore asked whether scientists should be ultimately responsible for the research that they publish, or could it be that they have a duty to publish research regardless of its implications in the pursuit of scientific advancement.

Scientific responsibility is an expansive term and can be subdivided into the different accountabilities a scientist may have when conducting their research. This varies upon personal opinion in the scientific community but to some degree includes conducting research in the appropriate, objective manner and producing research that will be of benefit rather than producing profitable research that only seeks to benefit stakeholders. Another important responsibility of scientists is communication. This is because research

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