Scientific Research on Nutrition

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At no other time in history has there been so much scientific research available about nutrition, giving humans an enormous advantage in fueling their bodies with healthy food choices. Despite this accessible knowledge it appears we are still burdened with the need to “diet”, to fit in modern society’s standards. Is dieting helping the longevity of the human species or is it purely dangerous? Not all diets contain risky methods for losing weight. A well-balanced diet can increase live expectancy and lesson the chance of contracting disease. Eating well can also increase productivity in humans, generate a heightened mental prospective and could easily stop the rising obesity rates in todays culture. Concerning such aspects as long term health effects and the consequences from a unhealthy diet placed on mental stability, dieting could be distinguished as a disadvantage to the human species. Emily Mathieu (2011), reporter for the Toronto Star Newspaper, states that at least six billion dollars is spent annually by Canadians on weight loss surgeries, pills, special diets and meal replacements. Not only can dieting affect bank accounts, but it also has thousands of symptoms that are not conveyed by most, if not all, dieting companies. Research from Stanley S. Bass concludes that most dieters experience depression, headaches, fatigue and many other symptoms, while trying to obtain their “dream body”. Restricting diet is extremely unhealthy and can lead not only to death, but also

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