Scientific Theories Aligning with Evolution

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After analysing relevant diagrams and information explaining the process of evolution it will be evident of which scientists’ evolutionary theory best aligns with the evolution of the chosen species.Living organisms are believed to have developed from earlier forms throughout history as a result of Evolution (oxforddictionaries,2014). The species to be further researched on is the Giraffe. ‘Darwinism’ and ‘Lamarckism’ are the two main theories focused on throughout the analysis, both will be investigated to determine the comparisons and differences towards the evolutionary process of a Giraffes life.
Jean Baptiste Lamarck, best recognised for his theory of inheritance and acquired characteristics, supposed that if an organism changes in life in order to adapt to its environment, those changes are passed on to its offspring. He said that the change is made by what the organisms what or need, therefore body parts used often would grow and change to help with the survival of the animal, and result in the offspring inheriting similar characteristic, however if the body part was not used Lamarck believed it would gradually disappear and not be inherited by offspring (Abbott,2001). On the other hand Charles Darwin’s evolutionary belief was that organisms, even of the same species, are all different and that those which happen to have variations that help them to survive in their environment survive and have more offspring, these offspring are born with their parents ‘helpful

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