Scientists and Weapons of Mass Destruction

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Although, who’s the creator of a weapon that can inflict physical damage? The answer is patriotic scientists. These scientists believe they are creating a weapon that is protecting their country and themselves. Starting with simple weapons, people have developed with more advanced methods to kill one another in a war or anywhere. This helps us understand that a scientist shouldn’t have an obligation to create a weapon because it causes mass destruction, sometimes turns into a failure, and affects the environment. When we talk about weapons of mass destruction, we think of nuclear weapons. Nuclear weapons are the most dangerous weapons on earth. An example for a nuclear weapon is an atomic bomb called “little boy” and “fatman,” which were a gun-type weapon and the implosion-type. These were the first atomic bombs dropped by United States on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Many scientists and engineers in the “Manhattan Project” developed these bombs. About 140,000 deaths were reported from the Hiroshima bombing. These innocent people were killed within seconds from these atomic bomb created from obligated scientists. Scientists and engineers have created something so powerful that can’t be undone. For example, when a country has nuclear weapons and wants to engage in a nuclear war, it won’t because of the destruction that it has to face to gain victory. Though, in the 21st…
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