Scorpio Races By Maggie Stiefvater: An Analysis

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Many people don’t have the luxuries we take for granted. A loving family, a steady home, all of these things are accepted as a right, not a privilege; but what do you say to those who don’t have all of the trappings of a “normal life”? The book The Scorpio Races by Maggie Stiefvater focuses on the lives of two orphans, Sean Kendrick and Kate (Puck) Connolly, who had their parents and futures torn away from them by the very creatures they need to thrive. They then face one adverse situation after another until they find the resolve within themselves to succeed. They may have succeeded, but the question remains, can the psychological impact of being orphaned be overcome in order to succeed? The Scorpio Races could potentially be true if the …show more content…

Unfortunately, to reach the answer we seek, we need to answer other questions. For example, how are orphans affected by being orphaned? Next we must ask how does one achieve success, and what is it? And lastly, does this mental “programming” from being orphaned carry over into the orphan’s adult life? Our quest for truth cannot be achieved in one leap, but rather is accomplished by one small step after another. The first step we must embark on is simple, what is the psychological impact of being orphaned? Well, the answer is not as simple as it seems. The images of orphans we see in movies and on television is skewed; Little Orphan Annie is not a perfect representation of orphans worldwide. Abandoned children face differing pathological issues that can interfere with their ability to function with society. “Orphaned children are complex human beings with unique strengths and needs” (Kristen) says expert Kristen Howerton. This statement implies that no matter how much we try to generalize the term “Orphan”, they are all different. Although some may have …show more content…

As defined by the dictionary, success is known as “Achieving something desired, planned, or attempted” (Dictionary). By this definition, success could be making it to school on time, or running a 6:30 mile. The simplicity of the definition makes it seem that success is an easy achievement. Another definition of success can help us reach the truth: “A challenge in which the response is equal to the problem is called success” (Covey). This further constricts the parameters for success, now, instead of just throwing out a solution, you have to think and work for the answer. So, how do you actually achieve success? There are seven steps to help you to achieve your dreams: dream it, believe it, see it, tell it, plan it, work it, and enjoy it (Widener). First you have to realize your dream, and what it stands for, your family, friends, and especially yourself! After that, you need to believe you can succeed, after all, ¨It has to be something that is seemingly beyond your capabilities¨ (Widener). In the book Kate realizes that “a tiny, tiny part of (Her)... must’ve been daydreaming of that possibility. Beating the horses that had killed (Her) parents” (Stiefvater 80). Then you have to envision your dream, see yourself succeeding and fall into the correct mindset. Next you have to spread your dream, and tell it to as many as possible. Soon afterwards you have to plan out your strategy. Take small steps and have a

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