Summary Of The Raised From Scratch

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The Raised from Scratch book review for Represent Magazine has an audience of foster youth and staff that work for that specific community. No statistics and background information about the foster youth community were provided within the review because the readership will already be aware of this background information. The assumption that is being made is that the readers have not yet read the autobiography, reason why I incorporate a foundation of background information of the author as well as provide textual evidence from the book when expanding on concepts that the author focused on. At the beginning of the review, there is the Facebook URL, in order for the readership to have some form of access to communicating with the author if they seek fit after having read my review.…show more content…
Contextual evidence was provided by presenting a book at the beginning of the review called To the End of June, that does not incorporate testimonials. The testimony of the author of Raised from Scratch proves to be of great important because it makes the readership understand that even though he got lucky by being placed in the foster home of his uncle, it still did not change his exposure to negative experiences that affected him psychosocially and emotionally in regards to love and family. His negative experiences with the absence of his biological parents have limited him in believing that he could potentially have a family in the future as well as
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