Sdlc And Change Management Policy. The Following Outlines

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SDLC and Change Management Policy

The following outlines a set of policies and procedures designed to provide an orderly process in which changes to Felician University’s IT infrastructure are requested and approved prior to the installation or implementation of a change.

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The purpose of this policy is to promote a controlled environment around change management procedures for Felician University’s IT systems and applications. The Change Management Procedures are designed to provide an orderly process in which changes to …show more content…

In the event that minor customizations (i.e. report development) are required, the process will mirror the vendor upgrade process. All applications are supported by either a VAR or the software vendor directly. • Vendor Upgrades
The majority of the Felician University’s future recurring application changes will be minor version upgrades to the applications. Version upgrades, issues, and bug fixes are handled directly by the software vendors. Felician University does not have access to the source code and therefore does not have the ability to modify these proprietary packages. All issues, bug fixes, and modifications are completed by the software vendors. Version upgrades are included as part of vendor maintenance agreements. The IT Manager and/or business system owner are notified via email when version upgrades are available, then a CD is mailed or a download link is sent to the client upon request. Release notes come with each upgrade and/or service pack.

Projects arise in a number of ways, from a phone call or e-mail, to a formal functional specification. The initiation phase focuses on authorizing the project. It includes understanding of the request, assessing the project category, and communicating an early project scope to Felician University’s management. This is a starting point for discussions with interested parties. During this phase, the priority of the request is determined relative to other outstanding requests and a go/no-go

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