Sea Anemone Thesis

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Mutual Symbiosis: A Model for Peaceful Coexistence
Peace, a great necessity in life, the absence of which you cannot fully understand until you have an experience of the mayhem caused by the Boko Haram insurgents of my region – dead children, mutilated bodies, burnt down community and thousands of misplaced families. I really don’t want to share the experience in details but I assure you, the devil himself considers it horrible.
Nature does not just provide us with natural resources, it equally gives us a great number of life-saving lessons. Although human civilization has developed by the proper use of nature and its products, peaceful coexistence, selfless interdependence and mutual relationship are lessons that could be learnt from nature. A study of the clown fish and the sea anemone reveals to us a few of such lessons.
The clown fish and the sea anemone are sea creatures whose lifestyle is altogether a bunch of lessons worth learning by humanity. A clown fish is a small beautifully coloured fish that lives in partnership with the sea anemone; a sea dwelling creature that …show more content…

The clown fish and the sea anemone relationship is a classic example of such relationship and a lesson to humanity especially as it relates to peace, peaceful coexistence and mutual understanding. Although both the clown and the anemone are weak and may not survive for long if left on their own, their coming together in oneness makes them strong and formidable and thereby, becoming survivors in a dangerous environment. With a continuous unbroken relationship, the sea anemone and the clown fish survive for about sixty and ten years respectively. Interestingly, nature here gives me a few important lessons and challenges: my disability is another’s ability, mutual relationship and peaceful coexistence protects and preserves life the

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