Second Generation Immigrants Essay

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The relationship of the first generation to the place of migration is very different from second generations. The first generation immigrants frequently struggle to relocate, to form a new community and to get familiar with new economic, political and cultural realities. Most of them do not know that the country they left behind have transformed so they project onto their children some idealized pictures of a lost country. Therefore, second-generation immigrants are suspended between the American environment through which they are made and the inherited ethics of their parents. The first generation immigrants left in pursuit of the American dream in order to achieve happiness but for second-generation immigrants, things are more complicated…show more content…
Immigrants belonging to a specific country in diasporic conditions fluctuate between two identities and two different cultures. These two cultures are mentioned as donor and recipient. Therefore, a situation arises in almost all immigrants, mainly in those who have more prominent cultural distance between the donor and recipient country. Wherein a severe constitution takes place to the places of cultural identity and adaptation. This condition of riding two cultures concurrently leads to division not only on individuals but also communities in the host culture that causes social uncertainty and disorder. This occurs because most migrations are not intended, but required by socioeconomic fragmentation. Therefore, migrants do not try to make essential changes in their social-cultural assessment. They treat this migration as virtuously momentary. Thus, their continuous repetition of the cultural patterns and ethics carried with them from donor society and their unwillingness to absorb the recipient society cause conflicting conditions isolating them from the host
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