Secondary Emotions In Romeo And Juliet

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This is a tragic love story about a boy and a girl, but not your typical Romeo and Juliet. Around the world, there are six prime emotions: joy, sadness, anger, fear, surprise, and discussed. Two or more prime emotions creating one emotion is called secondary emotions. For example, love is a secondary emotion consisting of the prime emotions joy and fear. When you are in love, you are full of joy, but love can also be frightening because you are putting yourself out, which could hurt you. While I tell you this story, I want you to think about the emotions that flow through it.
The love story starts with two high school students, who met through the sport they loved: track. At the time, he was a junior Juliet’s freshman year, and they met at the end of her freshman year. The couple went through their ups and downs, through the break ups and make ups, through the struggles of high school, and more. Once college rolled around, Romeo left. After a long time, Romeo and Juliet reunited, but death came knocking.
Although the couple reunited, this was only short lived. On a cold February night, tragedy strikes. Laying on her bed, Juliet texted her boyfriend while he was at his friend’s house, Zachary, working on his red 1986 Corvette. With Romeo’s number on the screen, her phone began to ring; he normally calls her when he is heading home. The phone call lasted for a few minutes, and the signal disconnected. “Sorry phone died,” messaged Romeo.
The next morning, she

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