Section One: .. An Effective Approach To Training Is The

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Section One: An effective approach to training is the beginning of an organization’s future. In many cases organizations fail to align their strategic goals and objectives with the proper training in order to meet the requirements for the job. This is where a training needs assessment is needed. The skills and requirements of any jobs are not identical. “Many new employees come equipped with most of the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to start work. Others require extensive training before they are ready to make much of a contribution to the organization.” (Bohlander, Snell, &
Morris, 2015) “The training needs assessment allows the organization to provide its employees with the training they really need.” (Bohlander et …show more content…

(Groysberg & Abott, 2013)
Section Two:
Just like any job, the components of a training needs assessment are based on the requirements of the job. For the Customer Service- CARE business partner I would say that these

OL 211 Human Resource Management Milestone Projects types of responsibilities require, on the job training, customer service training, and diversity training. On the job training is for new hires that may not have experience in the transportation industry and need to participate in social learning to gain knowledge from someone that already has experience in the industry. Customer service training is what the job description is listed as, therefore the employee can be properly trained to know what is expected as each performance is carried out. (Job Posting, n.d.) It provides guide lines for the new hire. In this particular case, diversity training is important because Maersk is an internationally based corporation is equipped with employees from may different cultures. (Bohlander et al, 2015)
Section Three: In order to measure the progress, it is important to rely on SMART objectives to evaluate the performance of the employees. It is important to set specific objectives so that Who, What,
When, Where, and Why can be determined in order to set effective objectives. “Measurements for objectives help you know you are making

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