Security And Security Techniques

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Overall information systems hardware, software, networks and data resources need to be protected and secured to ensure the effective performance of an organization. One security technique used by organizations to protect their computer systems from security threats is encryption this is a method used by organizations to send data to others it works by using special mathematical algorithms to convert the data into scrambled code before transmission and when the data is received it is decoded when an authorized user accesses it. In my opinion, this is very effective because it stops people from being able to read or use data if they intercepted it as the is in a scrambled letter and number form. Another security technique is a firewall this …show more content…

Anti-virus software and Antispyware Software works by identifying suspicious software based on a list of known threats it then checks the computer against that list and tells the user if it finds anything on its list. In my opinion, Anti-virus software and Anti-Spyware Software is very effective because it stops malicious software getting onto a computer which could steal or leak sensitive company data. One security technique is protecting systems with usernames and passwords to access any equipment, wireless networks and sensitive data should be guarded with unique usernames and passwords for each member of staff, this is for two reasons it is an added layer of security so if someone hacks in they have to get passed the password and it also allows companies to see what exactly their employees are accessing, also the passwords that are used should be very strong so the passwords should include numbers, letters and symbols and not have standard dictionary terms or dates such as birthdays which are easy to guess. In my opinion, usernames and passwords are very effective because it makes it harder for hackers to hack in and it allows companies to keep an eye on employees for example they will be able to see what files they are accessing and if they are a risk to the company. One more security technique is keeping sensitive data out of the cloud, Cloud computing offers businesses many benefits like being a cheaper way to

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