There are many Types of Security

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Back to the question at hand, when is too much security too much? The turning point is different for each situation. A home computer can have too much security when the user installs two separate security programs. These programs then end up fighting each other and not protecting the computer at all. For a business it can be when the company begins to lose money by having less time to be productive. A simple example would be when a company installs an auto log-off feature that terminates a user's session after they do not do any actions for ten minutes. After a month of testing the new feature the employees report that they feel as though they are spending as much time logging in as they are doing any work. To help decide when a system has too much security can easily be solved when dealing with obvious issues, but if the task becomes harder the issue can be solved in a formulaic fashion. In the study "An Analytical Security Model for Existing Software Systems" by Ayaz Isazadeh and a few other researchers, over the course of four years, developed a formula for how much security would be needed per architectural system. This type of study helps more than simple businesses, governments everywhere take the information into consideration when creating or changing their system. For example, the U.S. government is wrote about in the article "Defending America in Cyberspace" where it is said that the government continues to improve its ability to understand vulnerabilities of
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