Security Requirements of the Organization Essay

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Security requirements of the organization
First we will ensure that the system is physically secured. The room that will house the server will be in a secured area with multi-leveled security such as a keypad and additional locks. The room will have an air conditioner to ensure that the system remains cool and secured. Once the routers have been configured and secured, the next thing we will put in place is ACL list. This list would restrict movement and access to files that are not related to the job description. We will create restrictions that will apply to workstations and must have user authentication. Once the authentication is successful, those restrictions are then applied as Registry settings providing an efficient way to
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Any organization security requirements needed.
Hardening the network by conducting updating software and hardware to ensure the security of the system is an important part of network. Hardening involves an ongoing process of ensuring that all networking software together with the routers are password protected. These routers are updated with the latest vendor supplied patches and fixes. Since most routers and wireless access points provide a remote management interface which can be accessed over the network, it is essential that such devices are protected with strong passwords. There is also a need for a security plan that will ensure that the planned security controls are fully documented. It is the configuration management plan, contingency plan and the incident response plan, Security awareness, a training plan and the regulatory compliance.

Detailed suggestions of software, hardware and other security measures required.
We will use Avast antivirus, firewalls and strong passwords. Avast antivirus has a built in scan system that will scan all emails and incoming files. It has a program that warns against harmful sites and you can schedule full scans upon startup. It has real-time shields and a built in firewall for ultimate protection. Since firewalls act like filters, they will help monitor data traffic between your network and the internet. Most firewalls
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