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SECURITY IN WIRELESS SENSOR NETWORKS by Mohd Faraz Uddin Submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of MASTER OF ENGINEERING Major Subject: Internetworking at DALHOUSIE UNIVERSITY Halifax, Nova Scotia January, 2016 © Copyright by your Mohd Faraz Uddin, 2016 Dalhousie University Faculty of Engineering Internetworking The undersigned hereby certify that they have read and award a pass in INWK 6800 for the seminar project entitled "Security in Wireless Sensor Networks" by Mohd Faraz Uddin in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Engineering. ___________________________ Alireza Nafarieh DALHOUSIE UNIVERSITY INTERNETWORKING PROGRAM…show more content…
In addition I might want to thank my Parents for giving me such an extraordinary chance to think about and develop in such a regarded University. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY This report deals with the Security of Wireless Sensor Networks and how and why we need to secure them from any outsiders or attacks. 1 INTRODUCTION The security of Wireless sensor networks is a range that has been examined significantly in the course of recent years. Applications for these networks are differed and they all include some level of checking, tracking, controlling, or a mix thereof. Wireless sensor networks have attributes that are remarkable to them, for example, the capacity to withstand unfavorable natural conditions, dynamic network topology, correspondence disappointments, expansive size of deployment, Scalable node limit, node portability, unattended operation and also restricted power, to give some examples. They likewise have base stations, which have more assets, that go about as a gateway between the sensor node and the end client. Since Wireless networks posture exceptional difficulties, conventional security strategies utilized as a part of customary systems can 't be connected straightforwardly. In the first place, to make Sensor Networks financially practical, sensor devices are constrained in their vitality, computations, and correspondence

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