Sedgewick Bell Character Analysis

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1. What factors is most important in developing moral character?
I believe the most important factor in developing moral character is our choices in life. I really like what Mr. Hundert says at the very beginning of the film, "A man's character is his fate. Our stories can be written long before we die." To me that means our choices are directly linked to our character and our character will more often than not determine how successful or how influential we are in history. Mr. Hundert continued to concede to the fact that this might not always be the case. Sometimes people with questionable character are successful.
In the movie, Sedgewick Bell made many poor decisions such as cheating in the Julius Caesar contest. These things put into question his personal virtue. Bell has influenced others to follow his bad behavior, which in turn changed the way Mr. Hundert worked with Bell. Mr. Hundert sees very well that this senator's son has potential. He was hoping to see the change in Bell and he changes but fails to completely change. Mr. Hundert did not give up and through different …show more content…

I would leave the decision to him to do what he feels he should do unless someone else was affected either directly or indirectly. If someone else was affected by my friend's cheating, then my actions would be a lot harder. I would need to make sure my friend made the situation right again, and if he didn't then I would need to make the situation right again on my own. That might mean confessing to the professor what I knew happened with my friend cheating and how it affected others. Stupidity begins with small things, but may grow into something big in the future. I would not want my friend to suffer from not knowing but rather help him understand the subject if I knew it

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