Segregation In Chicago

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Chicago, the third-most populous city in the United States, has had a busy and diverse image since the start and the city has played a key location throughout American history. Throughout history, Chicago has always to attract people to the city by it’s charming, fascinating and exciting spirit and ___. Chicago has always been home to people from all over the world and different backgrounds. Race, has play a key factor in Chicago and last year CNN reported that Chicago remains among most segregated U.S cities. Chicago’s portrayal in the media has *** changed over time and in the case of race it has gotten worse, with the residential segregation and the increase of crime in the South. In the Chicago Tribune article “Segregation declines in Chicago, city still ranks high, census data show”, Lolly Bowean, the author, stated in her report that “the average white resident in the Chicago area now lives in a neighborhood that is 71.5 percent white” (Bowean)***. Racial…show more content…
It’s has been stated that most crimes are found in black neighborhoods in the South Side. However, The South Side was described in “Race & policing in Chicago” (2016) video from The National, as home to an oppressed segregated underclass. The portrayal of gun violence in the south and west of Chicago can be seen on shows like Chicago P.D. The stories in this series is told form the point of view of law enforcement. Krishaun Branch, a Chicagoan a graduate from Fisk University in Tennessee and a teacher at Urban Prep Academy, was interviewed for the Chicago Tribune to see how the show portrays Chicago. Branch, stated while they may have captured the gun violence, it didn’t felt right how quickly the case was closed. He mentions that policemen aren’t showing much interest and time into an investigation and sometimes “see it as a black-on-black crime and it doesn’t get resolved.”
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