Selecting The Right College : An Electronic Guide For Counselors And Students

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Choosing a College is an important decision for a first year college student and most students may not know which is the right school for them. The two literature review article that I have chosen is “ Selecting the Right College: An Electronic Guide for Counselors and Students” by Markham B. Schack and the second one is “The Guidance Counselor’s Role in Advising College-Bound Students” by Samuel Brodbelt and the last one is “The College Search Process: Finding the Right College Match” by Michael Hills. The first two articles are pretty much similar since it’s two different perspective on school counselors in helping the students in choosing the right college for them. On the first two articles, other researchers explain the topic on choosing the right school by stating that juniors and seniors high school students begins to look more in depth in choosing a college rather than younger high school students. While in the other article, it explains how high school students looked into over 4,000 schools to choose the right one that best fit their interest. The research that has been done previously on all three articles were seeing the five different areas in choosing the right institution for the student. The researchers will choose the students and check their GPA, class rank, work load or level of difficulty of the certain program that they want to take,their SATs, and financial aid. After the students have file these information then the next process is to choose the

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