Selection System Of Human Resource Management

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Selection system A selection system in human resource management is combination of tools and procedures used in choosing a person who is qualified for a certain role, who can successfully bring valuable contributions to an organization (Foot, Hook, & Jenkins, 2016). An effective selection system is fundamentally based on job analysis so that the selection tools utilized in the recruitment process add value to the organization. This selection system provides a framework for recruiting an accountant, and it provides job analysis for the position as well as the selection tools and procedures for the position. • Job title: Accountant This position generally involves providing the day to day support to the accounting function of the company. •…show more content…
Those who do not meet this requirement will be eliminated at this stage. Other items to check during screening are education background and work experience as stated in the job analysis. As result, the tool is reliable in ensuring misfits will not be able to proceed to the next level. The applications for the position will be received online through recruitment portals and therefore the applications will be screened electronically by the human resource personnel. This tool will be administered by two human resource staff and it will take approximately five hours to execute. Telephone interviews Telephone interview is the second tool in the selection system. It involves contacting the applicants who passed the in the screening tool. The questions that are asked in the telephone interview are based on the job analysis weighed against the applicant’s responses in the application materials. It is a cost effective and reliabvle tool in selecting the best candidates who will proceed to next level in the recruitment process. One basic question that can asked on the telephone interview is, “Do you still have interest in the job that you applied for?” those who provide a “no” answer will automatically be eliminated from the selection system. Other leading questions will enable the recruiter to measure other key KSAO’s such as experience, communication skills and educational qualifications. This tool will be administered by one
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