Selective Reasoning

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Marketing Simulation Analysis

When the simulation was first assigned, I really had no idea what to expect. I assumed that my group members and I would be creating various written documents, which was clearly not the case. After selecting a group composed mainly of my close friends, we began to read through the various materials given to us to help us successfully complete the simulation. After watching a few of the videos from our customers and reading the given document about Minnesota Mircromotors, we began the simulation. Before the simulation started our group decided that we wanted to put customer satisfaction as our top priority, over market share and profit. After our first quarter, we began to panic because every
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From then on out I left market research at the required $50,000 just to stay safe. One of the most important parts of the game I found was spending on IMC. After the first quarter as a group, when we did very poorly, we found that putting money into IMC was the best way to increase our profit and market share. What I found that worked best regarding IMC, was to basically put all additional budget into it. Almost every quarter I did this, my profits would continue to rise. When I did the simulation individually, every time I gained more money in my total budget that money would address IMC first. IMC was definitely the key to the game for me. The single most argued part of the simulation for our group was the distribution of money in Power-To-Size Ratio, Manufacturing, and Thermal Resistance. At first it seemed that no matter what we did as a group some customer would complain about something. No customer complained more than Customer B complaining about wanting more thermal. Our group found ourselves always arguing over how much money to put into which of the three categories. We never really did a great job doing so because there was always an unhappy customer. What I found to be the best method was based on sure luck. I really wanted to take some relatively large risks in my last attempt at the individual simulation so I cut out Manufacturing Efficiency Improvement entirely. After two quarters of making a huge profit, I kept that up until the end. This
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