Self Assessment Of Leadership Practices

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Self-Assessment of Leadership Practices The road to becoming an exceptional leader while rewarding, is one filled with numerous challenges. Developing the necessary skills required in order to successfully lead others is a life-long process. In this paper, I will discuss in details my leadership qualities. I will include results from my Seven Habits Profile, evaluate my strength and weaknesses and adopt leadership theories that will help guide my self-evaluation. In addition, I will analyze proven theories that will help me address skills, weaknesses, and behaviors in my leadership skills. These theories-based changes will help form and guide my set of SMART goals. I will draft a plan for success in my journey towards becoming a great leader. Reflection on Seven Habits Profile and Findings The Seven Habits Profile is a tool created by Dr. Stephen Covey, bestselling author of “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People”. In his book, Dr. Covey describes important characteristics of people who are not only great citizens of this world, but “highly effective” leaders and role models. It is imperative to understand that these characteristics or traits can be developed or acquired by everyone who wishes to obtain them. Covey (2004) Leaders should strive to attain each of the following character traits; by using this tool, I gained useful information that will evaluate my leadership skills. The areas measured by the Seven Habits Profile are the following: 1. Be proactive

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