Self Esteem Essay

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You can't touch it, but it affects how you feel. You can't see it, but it's there when you look at yourself in the mirror. You can't hear it, but it's there every time you talk about yourself. What is this important but mysterious thing? It's your self-esteem! Self Esteem is defined as confidence in your own merit as an individual. Our self esteem is instilled in us during our youth. There are two types of self esteem. There is high self esteem which is when you feel good about yourself, and then there is low self esteem which is when you feel bad about yourself. Being constantly criticized by family, friends, and society tends to slowly strip us of our feelings of self worth. Our low self esteem strips us of our self confidence to make …show more content…

Thinking that it would be impossible for them to do things right they end-up being incapable to do things accurately at all. Have you ever felt great about something you have done? I'm sure you have, we all have. Think back to a time where you accomplished your greatest goal, or when you one first place at your basketball championship. You felt good didn't you? Your self esteem went way up during that time because you felt great about yourself. You achieved something high and you were very happy. So your not going to win a basketball championship everyday but there are many other things you can do to lift your self esteem. Do something nice for someone, make someone laugh, pamper yourself, exercise, smile, etc. Those are just very few of the thousands of things you can do to lift your self esteem. Teenagers self esteem hardly stay high at all times. Most likely you will experience those days when you wake up in the morning and you look in the mirror and a huge pimple is sitting right on your forehead, or you ate too much the night before and you feel fat and sluggish. Its okay to feel that once in awhile it is normal, I mean of course your self esteem isn't going to go up when you have a huge pimple on your face, but you can do things to help. Don't focus on the negatives try to always think positive. If you see people snickering and staring at you just ignore them. Know

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