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My journey through, Religion and Personal growth was very informative, insightful, increased my perception, and I did a lot of self-reflection while taking this course. I experienced the greatest learning starting with what religion meant. I always felt God’s presence when I prayed however, learning that religion is the fear and awe one feels in the presence of God’s sprit was an amazing moment for me. I now understood why worshiping God had such a profound effect on me since childhood. If you sincerely from your heart give God love he always love you in return.
The least amount of learning I received from this course, if I had to pick something would be, very little use of videos or music to assist me with learning in this course.
What I would add to this course is including an actual video of a sermon’s message. When you actually hear a sermon being given be an anointed person of God it helps you have a clearer understanding of God’s word and it touches you in personal way. Yet, you’re learning God’s holy word, and teachings as the messages’ he wants us to understand so we can live our lives within his biblical teachings. Such as the “Original Sin”, every Christian needs to be aware of this fact. Everyone is born with sin; therefore, it is innate in all humans inherited from Adam and Eve for disobeying God’s instructions. The essential vice of evil being pride, because God wants us to be close to him by giving up living in sin. God doesn’t want his people to compare

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