Personal Reflection Paper

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I would like to learn more about the topic of Personality in the class AP Psychology. Moreover, I would like to learn more about the topic of personality due to the magnitude of different things that can alter someone's personality interests me. Whether it be a tragedy in an individual’s family or a jubilant moment in his/her life, these moments have the chance of altering this individual’s personality. Also, I find it interesting that there is a plethora of different personalities such as whether an individual is social or not. Also, I find it fascinating how the media portrays different personality. That is why I like the topic of personality the best. If I had unlimited funds to conduct research in the field of personality, I would investigate alternate ways to assist people who are struggling with issues within their personality. A number of things can change a person’s personality in a positive way or a negative way. Such as, if a member of a family has passed away it could change the individual’s family in a negative way. Furthermore, if new life is brought to a family, it could bring great joy to the family and the people around them. Also, small things have the potential to change one’s personality in a immense and extensive way. For this reason, if a student was failing a course, it could potentially transform this student into trying harder in school to make a better overall grade. The magnitude of different personalities all over the world is truly astonishing.

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