Selling Asap : Art, Agility, Performance

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Selling ASAP: Art, Science, Agility, Performance was written by Eli Jones, Larry Chonko, Fern Jones, and Carl Stevens. The book gives light to the fact that selling has become both a creative and an analytical process. In today’s world, the marketplace and the sales profession are continuously changing. Therefore, creativity, critical thinking, and agility are needed to adjust to these changes. Customers are now leaning towards trusted advisors instead of product experts. This concept stresses the importance of viewing a sale as an opportunity to build a long-lasting relationship with the customer. The authors outline several strategies for better anticipating customer’s needs and recommending solutions that build value over time. Selling ASAP: Art, Science, Agility, Performance highlights several tips which include: understanding how buyers buy, preparation, and attention strategies. These concepts will be further explained throughout the following paragraphs with a summary from Selling ASAP: Art, Science, Agility, Performance and a comparison to Selling Today written by Manning, Reece, and Abrams. Selling ASAP: Art, Science, Agility, Performance begins with the concept of understanding how buyers buy. In order to do this, the salesperson must first uncover the needs and wants of the prospect. With this information, the salesperson will be able to alter his or her communication style to fit the customer’s preferences. According to the book, motivation has two components:

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