Hope Is Not A Strategy By Rick Page

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The book Hope Is Not A Strategy by Rick Page is the quintessential piece of sale force literature. Similar to most sales force books it provides key selling concepts to the reader, but the key differentiator is that Page focuses on providing specific strategies and practices that will elevate an individual’s sales force. Being able to navigate a sales account and ultimately achieve the sale is a very complex task and Page’s book guides the reader in maneuvering these complex situations. Although Rick Page states that hope is an essential aspect of life, he believes that strategy must be developed and implemented in order to achieve results in the complex selling environment. Page divides the book into four different sections where he …show more content…

These transformative changes to the selling environment are ultimately forcing the salesperson to reengineer and rethink how they approach their business accounts. Failure in adapting to these changes can result in many adverse situations but ultimately revolves around ineffective team selling. In terms of selling strategy Page believes that individuals should sell the way that their specific consumer buys. Focusing on this statement, Page describes, in the first section, the seven generations of selling which are: 1) Tellers who mainly focus on explaining the features of the product, 2) Sellers are individuals that listen first and talk second, 3) Hunters are individuals that focus on beating the competition,
4) Farmers are good with complex situations and repetitive selling, 5) Business developers focus on the dormant problems of a business and bring it to light,
6) Partners collaborate working together to build business for each other, and
7) Industry networked consultants that give advice to the executives and operational managers of an industry. These seven generations exemplify

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