Seminar Paper on Prismatic –Sala Model vs. Bureaucratic Model

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Prismatic –Sala Model Vs. Bureaucratic Model

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Riggs made a great effort in searching for an objective and effective model for analyzing public administration in developing regions. With his background in sociological theory, Riggs created the “fused-prismatic-diffracted model.” This model covers a wide range of research. For instance, economic life, social structures, political symbols, and the allocation of power are all part
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The prismatic society shares the value-patterns of both fused and diffracted societies
Prismatic society F. W. Riggs suggested a middle movement society between the fused and diffracted society which is called prismatic society. It is better than fused society but less than diffracted society. It is specific stable.
Till the end of the Second World War the study of Political Science and Public Administration had virtually remained confined to the United States, Great Britain and other Western countries. The various approaches and models which were developed in the disciplines were consequently based on Western experiences, either explicitly or implicitly. With the ripening into statehood of the various colonies of the Western powers, a new category of states- the underdeveloped or developing countries arose, and the methods and approaches which were available to the students of Political Science and Public Administration were discovered to be inadequate, and even inoperative when applied to the study of these newly liberated societies. The ecology of Public Administration is as much as limiting factor as is the ecology of biological species. The key to the understanding of Riggs is his contention that administrative behavior must be looked at in relation to its environment, that is, its ‘ecology’. Riggs certainly does not include in ecology all the

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