The Mechanics Of The Recent Elections During The United States Essay

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Bryan Montgomery SOC 105 A Professor Angelo James Sirigotis ID# 1413360 Cessation of Democracy An analysis of the mechanics of the recent elections held in the United States illuminates the overall theme portrayed in Weber’s essay on Bureaucracy and demonstrates a spot-on representation of his ideals in Charismatic Authority. In Bureaucracy, Weber describes the bureaucratic structure as a nearly unbreakable and regenerative entity. He argues that, “Once fully established, bureaucracy is among those social structures which are hardest to destroy. Bureaucracy is the means of transforming social action into rationally organized action. Therefore, as an instrument of rationally organizing authority relations, bureaucracy was and is a powerful instrument of the first order for one who controls the bureaucratic apparatus. Under otherwise equal conditions, rationally and directed action (Gesellschaftshandeln) is superior to every kind of collective behavior (Massenhandeln) and also social action (Gemeinschaftshandeln) opposing it. Where administration has been completely bureaucratized, the resulting system of domination is practically indestructible,” (Weber, 1922, p.336-337). Weber is implying that the roots of democracy systematically reaffirm the principles of the bureaucratic structure that it opposed in the first place. The abstract nature of social action towards democratic ideals indirectly permits a hierarchical structure that is subject to bureaucratization through means
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