The Managerial Theories Of Public Administration

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Public administration is sets to identify the formulation and policies of the executive branch, also playing a part in the judicial and legislative branches; implementing public policies; involved in problems concerning human behavior and operative human efforts; involved with the production of public goods and services. Public administration is also closely associated with numerous of private groups and individuals which provide multiple services to the communities.
Max Weber went on to define administration as legal rationale, as actions in pursuit of conscious purpose of an organized system of affairs and applying operational efficiency to making them happen as one wanted (Stillman, 2010). Marshall Dimock made two common observations made about public administrations depending on the type of work one was responsible for which included the managerial views and the integral view. The managerial view suggested that only managerial responsibilities were included in public administration. The view on integral suggested that public administration incorporated managerial, technical, clerical, and manual responsibilities consisting of employees of all levels. The public interest would refer to the security and welfare of the citizens within the country compared to that of a private company or person. The rights of the citizens is supported, protected and recognized by the government and its agencies. Although in many instances the term of public interest is often limited only

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