Sepsis Recognition

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Early recognition of Sepsis Sepsis Introduction
Sepsis is a severe complication of an inflammatory response due to various pathogens with the mortality rates ranging anywhere between twenty-five to thirty percent (Epstein, Dantes, Magill, & Fiore, 2016). Sepsis can be precipitated by various infections including some of the most common ones, like urinary tract infections, pneumonia, and cellulitis. An early sepsis recognition is crucial in improving patient outcomes and decreasing mortality rate. Thus, it is very important for a health care provider to start the necessary diagnostics and implementation of fluids, antibiotics, vasopressors and other necessary treatments based on the
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The set of diagnostic procedures and the necessary treatment within this bundle is based on the EBP suggested guidelines. By following the recommended guidelines, I can assure the improvement of quality of care by providing my patient with the best current practice. According to the randomized study over a 12-month period conducted in the Emergency Departments (ED) in New Wales, Australia the introduction of sepsis guidelines in ED improved the early assessment and management of septic patients including reduction in time to antibiotic administration by 230 minutes and the improved urgent triage time by 49.1 % (Romero, Fry, & Roche, 2017).
Family Nurse Practitioner, as an advanced practice nurse has to understand the importance of evidence-based practice in the delivery of patient care. The culture of nursing is evolving and changing giving advanced practice nurses more authority to advocate and remain proactive in the health care field. Family nurse practitioners should actively engage in the nursing research or advocate for bringing new evidence based practice into their clinical sites to improve the quality of patient care, promoting health and decreasing morbidity and mortality
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