Serova Small Business Enterprise is Facing a Crisis Essay

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Briefing on smart phones
Staff, consumers and administrators of Serova small business enterprise Introduction Currently, the firm is facing several problems while serving its customers and 100% tapping of business gains. Some of these problems include insecurity of goods and staff, uncertainty about future economic conditions, poor access to marketing information and consumer feedback, increased cost of health insurance, and inability to include of staff with disabilities in a business firm community. Many of these problems have caused havoc in the smooth running of the business such as increasing levels losses, fear among the staff to venture in new places in an attempt to market goods and government sanctions due to non-adherence to …show more content…

Current mobile devices cannot be tracked in case of theft or mere lose. These modern phones can be tracked, and culprits brought to book. This effectively ensures cost effectiveness of sustaining the initiative after the initial purchase of the gadgets. It also helps detect staffs that do assume their marketing duties and engage in their own personal activities. This is because these phones help in locating where an employee is going and where he or she has been. These cell phones also ensure the authentic ownership of the gadget and the confidentiality of the information stored. Snell, (2013) explains how one can control access to stored information and the installed applications. The modern small phones contain an application which, when installed uses fingerprints to lock and unlock the device. The strategic location of the application at the start menu ensures that the device is only used by the authorized staff. It further ensures the security of the stored information in case of theft. The thief will not access the information nor restore factory setting of the phone. Furthermore, these gadgets are portable and weigh less as compared to laptops and desktops. The owner can use the device anywhere and at any time to carry out marketing activities. Currently, the staff lacks the flexibility of utilizing available desktop computers and laptops because they are heavy and

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