Servant Leadership As A Servant Leader

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Introduction Servant leadership has the ability to enhance individual lives, create better organizations and provide a world where everyone’s cares according to Robert Greenleaf (Greenleaf). The purpose of this paper is to introduce servant leader operational philosophy to the organization to maximize the capacity of the company’s performance with the ability to strengthen personnel growth from the lower to the upper level employees. By implementing this philosophy, the outcome is extremely positive and may create a win-win environment, as the focus is to grow the people to grow the organization. Servant leadership does not necessary require a title, in addition, most servant leadership in the organization does not have a title assigned to them. Servant leadership may be very contagious, a trend may be created when one service another, in-turn, the one that was served may become a servant leader. This development generates are great working atmosphere, where retention level increase, but most importantly, the knowledge of the people to grow the organization. Servant Leadership The mindset of a Servant Leader. Servant leaders are consistently pondering on their ability to serve and the next step they may consider when serving the people around them. Recognition and the acknowledgement of another shows respect as congratulating another on their performance creates connectedness with each other. The ability to serve others being the highest-priority may attend a
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